Got Married on August 5th 2015, Sturgis South Dakota, left to right, Karin Bates, Heidi, Rev. Roger Wilson, Texas, Jack Jenkins, Scott McPhee
My daughter Jessie's bear May 28th, 2016
2015, Heidi and her first Ontario Deer, shot with a 50 cal. Thompson Center Hawken Cap Lock
2015 Getting ready to hang up a big one
2015 Kenns first ever Black Bear shot with a 12 guage
Ed listening to Guide Scott playing some tunes beside the ole still in the kitchen
2015 Rogers first Black Bear with his Dad's Savage rifle
My daughter Jessie's bear

Frequently asked questions

Every year I get asked many questions about what is needed for bear hunting and what you should bring along. I'm going to list a few of the answers to the most often asked questions.



It is legal to hunt on Sundays.

Your firearm rifle, bow or muzzle loader must be unloaded and in a case a half hour after sunset until a half hour before sunrise.

A soft case is better to bring into the woods with you.

A rifle MUST be unloaded in a motor vehicle. No cartridges in the barrel or the mag. The clip can be loaded but must not be attached to the rifle.

Semi autos are allowed but only with a 5 shot or smaller clip.

Crossing the border - Stop on the U.S. side and get registration papers for your guns, (cost-$50.00 Canadian. This will be between $33-$35 U.S. depending on exchange rate)

Don't say you have an automatic or they get all excited and start

looking for UZIS. Just call it a self loader or just a 30-06.

You can hunt the morning as well as the evening. I figure that you kill 20-30% in the morning. This is up to the hunters.

To buy an Ontario Bear licence you need an old Ontario licence or an old licence from the State that you live in.

I'll buy your licence ahead if you want, a week or so before you come up so you just have to sign it and go hunting. I can also fax you a copy if you want. This way I can do other paper work before you get here.

The closest airport is Sudbury if you want to fly up. Toronto is about 5/6 hours.

While most baits for rifle are 25-75 yards, some of my baits have the possibility of shots 200-500 yards. If you feel confident of a good kill at this distance, we can try and set up for this.


You need solid blaze orange hat and vest to be legal. To go from your vehicle to your stand. (Is not needed in your stand.)

Weather is a bit cooler than at home.

Many hunters wear coveralls and then put duct tape around sleeves and pant legs to keep black flies and mosquitoes out.


Avon skin so soft is a pretty good bug repellent.

Ivory soap is good to wash with as it has no scent.

Many hunters wear head nets.

Rain gear is handy, sometimes there is a day or two of rain.

Most baits don't require rubber boots.

Usually you only have to walk 100-400 yards, I have a couple longer ones if you like still hunting on the way into your bait.

Sometimes a 4-wheeler is handy - you can ask about this.

Bring up your own ladder tree stand and or steps or ladder sticks.

A good flashlight is a must.

A knife is handy to field dress the bear with.

You shouldn't smoke on the bait so some hard candy or a chew is handy.

A cooler large enough to bring home your frozen bear hide in, is good to have.

Beer is $1.75 a bottle and cans even more, Whiskey about $25.00 a fifth, cigarettes about $80.00 a carton, ammunition is also high. So bring what you need. Pepsi and Coke is about the same or cheaper, groceries are more expensive generally.

Radar Detectors are not allowed in Ontario.

You must wear your seat belt.

Maybe most of this is common knowledge for you but as my clients come from all over I try to cover everything that might be different. I've hunted in 7 different States, 5 Provinces as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories and each place has different regulations.

I don't advertise much. Just go by word of mouth and this seems to work quite well. If you do your job right, I'll try to do anything you want so that you can have a safe, happy and most enjoyable hunting trip. Any other questions just write, call or E-Mail: I hope this was of some assistance. Looking forward to seeing you.


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